Thiết bị thu hồi gas lạnh Robinair RG6-230

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Mô tả

The Robinair RG6-230 is engineered to include what technicians need in a recovery machine – a rugged and tough machine with fast recovery rates. The RG6-230 is built for speed providing the best refrigerant recovery speeds in all conditions, including high temperatures. An oversized condenser keeps the machine cool in extreme environments. Lightweight and easy to carry, the RG6-230 can withstand the harsh conditions found in industrial and commercial refrigerant recovery.

Product Features:

  • Twin-Cylinder Design: Provides best-in-class recovery performance
  • Oil-less Compressor: Capable of handling both liquid and vapor recovery
  • Oversized Condensers and Fan: Larger condenser area and larger fan allow for maximum cooling and shorter cycle times
  • High Pressure Safety Shut-off Switch: Automatically shuts off machine if pressure rises above 550 psi
  • Self-Purge Feature: Eliminates potential for cross-contamination and saves time
  • Easy to Operate, Rugged Case: Oversized pressure gauges, comfortable handle and simple controls
  • Handles Almost All Refrigerants: Works with all common CFC, HFC, HCFC Refrigerants including R-410A
  • IEC connector and power cord

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