Thiết bị kiểm tra rò rỉ gas lạnh Mastercool 55850

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Product Features:

  • Kit provides IntellaSense Refrigerant Leak Detector, UV light (12 LED), UV safety glasses and standard accessories
  • IntellaSense Refrigerant Leak Detector Features:
  • Metal oxide gas sensor detects combustible gases and refrigerants (all CFC’s, HFC’s, HCFC’s and blends)
  • Powerful microprocessor ensures optimum performance
  • Super Sensitive Function allows for locating small leaks with gases such as R1234yf and R407C
  • Probe includes intelligent tip with environment sensing element to eliminate potential of false alarms
  • Flexible 15.5 in. (39.3 cm) probe length ideal for reaching difficult locations
  • Progressive LCD display with vertical bars corresponding to magnitude of detected leak
  • Display provides visual indication of selected sensitivity range
  • Advanced keypad buttons include sensitivity selection, hold function, and peak function for when multiple leaks are suspected
  • Sensitivity:
    • High: 0.05 oz/yr (1.5 g/yr)
    • Medium: 0.25 oz/yr (7 g/yr)
    • Low: 0.50 oz/yr (14 g/yr)
  • Tested and approved to work with R1234yf as well as R32 and R410a
  • Meets and exceeds J2791 (R134a), J2913 (R1234yf) and EN 14624
  • Sensor life: 2000 hours
  • Operating temperature: 0 to 140˚F
  • Battery life: 60 hours continuous use with two “D” batteries

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