Máy bơm chân không Mastercool 90063-2V-110

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The Mastercool 90063-2V-110 is a 3 CFM/110v Vacuum Pump. A good quality vacuum pump is an integral tool for complete A/C service. Mastercool vacuum pumps are durable and time tested. They stand up to the most grueling conditions and will provide years of reliable service. Mastercool offers a complete selection of pumps. Regardless of your service requirements, Mastercool has a model for your application.

Product Features:

  • No. of Stages: 2
  • Free Air Displacement: 3
  • Ultimate Vacuum: 15 MICRONS
  • Pump Motor: 1/4HP
  • Pump Speed: 3440RPM
  • Electrical Specs: 110V/220V / 50/60HZ
  • Power Cord: 110V Cable (US Standard)

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