Máy bơm chân không Mastercool 90062-B

  • Mô tả

Mô tả

Mastercool 90062-B

3 CFM Single Stage Vacuum Pump

Product Features:

  • High volume fan provides cool air to motor and pump
  • Check valve built into suction line prevents oil back flow
  • Pump runs with extremely high ultimate vacuum and low noise
  • Cooling fins keep temperature lower during extended motor operation
  • Built-in device eliminates oil mist
  • Oil-gas separator at air exhaust outlet prevents oil contamination in air exhaust
  • Specially designed for low temperature and low voltage conditions to guarantee normal starting in winter
  • Thermally protected motor with on/off rocker switch
  • Large, lightweight reinforced base for stable positioning
  • Easily removable vapor discharge/oil fill port
  • Easily accessible oil drain valve
  • Large oil level sight glass with max/min oil level indicator

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