Hệ thống thu hồi và nạp gas tự động Mastercool Commander4000X

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Mô tả

Type of Refrigerant:R1234yf
Service Procedure:Fully automatic or manual
Voltage:110 V / 60 Hz
Scale Resolution:.02 lb (10 g)
Oil Scale Resolution:.01 lb (5 g)
Working Temperature Range:50/120 ˚F (10/49 ˚C)
Filter System:1 filter for cleaning and water removal
Vacuum Pump:6 CFM (142 liter/min)
Compressor:Hermetically sealed, 12cc, high pressure
Recovery Speed:95% at 70 to 75 ˚F (21 to 24 ˚C) <30 minutes
Recovery Cylinder:30 lb (12.5 liters), refillable
Charge Accuracy:±0.5 oz. at 70 to 75 ˚F (±15 g at 21 to 24 ˚C)
Hoses:96″ (250 cm)
Couplers:R1234yf Manual
Thermal Printer:Standard Equipment
Pressure Gauges:Class 1
Cylinder Temperature Sensor:Integrated
Cylinder Heater:Standard Equipment
Shipping Dimensions:38″ (l) x 32″ (w) x 53″ (h)
Shipping Weight:233 lbs

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