Đồng hồ nạp gas lạnh Robinair 40153

  • Mô tả

Mô tả

R22/134A 2 1/2 in Blue/Red Gauge, 36 in Standard Hoses with Standard Fitting

Product Features:

  • Bar: Solid forged brass for long life
  • Handwheels are durable, color-coded Lexan
  • Universal gauges: Clearly marked so they are easy to read and protected with Lexan lenses
  • Field Proven Face Seal Valves Provide tight seal, less wear and improved flow
  • Available with 80 mm diameter gauges or Celsius temperature scale
  • Includes Model 40152 with three 36″ color coded (1/4″ FFL) standard hoses and standard fittings

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