Bộ dây nạp gas lạnh Mastercool 49360-J

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Mô tả

The Mastercool 49360-J is a Set of 3-150cm R410A Hoses w/1/2″-20 UNF Fittings (Japanese Standard)

Product Features:

  • Mastercool only manufactures flexible Class 5, either in the selection ‘standard’ or selecting ‘high pressure’ waterproof nylon layer
  • The brass nuts have large deep grooves, where ease of handling
  • 8 sides crimping means excellent sealing and long service life
  • The hoses are available in sets and varying lengths to meet EPA, SAE and UL standards
  • Games 3 flexible: blue, red and yellow
  • To be flexible with Teflon seals, add – T
  • For other lengths, consult
  • Waterproof layer. nylon pressure: 56 Bar, yields to 280 Bar.

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